Advanced Humanities (Year 10)

Advanced Humanities (Year 10)

Course Summary

Do you enjoy studying Humanities? Are you capable of studying Humanities at an advanced level? Advanced Humanities replaces the Standard Year 10 Humanities. You will study civics and citizenship, history, geography, economics and business. This subject equips you with the ability to analyse and make meaning of current and past events in the world and the many factors that influence decisions made by society. All students who select Advanced Humanities will need to undertake a test.

Learning Activities & Assessment

  • Further develop critical thinking skills relevant to civics and citizenship, economic and business, geography and history
  • Develop an action plan related to a sustainability topic
  • Explore the different forms of power and influence
  • Write an expanded response and essay
  • Complete a Gapminder Graphing Assignment

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Semester 1

Textbook Hire $30

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Humanities Learning Area Leader

Elizabeth Pearce