Further Maths

Further Maths (3 & 4)

Course Summary

Are you looking for a Maths at Unit 3 & 4 level that can be applied generally to everyday life? Do you want a Maths with strong links to a real-world application? Further Maths can prepare you for further study and employment. It builds on concepts covered in General Mathematics. Core topics covered include ‘Data Analysis’ and ‘Recursion and Financial Modelling’. Students will study another two models which are selected by the College. They could include one of the following ‘Matrices’, ‘Networks and Decision Mathematics’, ‘Geometry and Measurement’ and ‘Graphs and Relations’.

VCE: Unit 3 & 4 sequence available

Learning Activities & Assessment

  • Use discrete mathematics to solve problems in financial modelling, network analysis, route & project planning, decision making, and growth and decay
  • Learn how to analyse and solve a wide range of geometrical problems in measurement, scaling, triangulation and navigation
  • Develop systematic relationships based on a statistical investigation process

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Approximate Costs

Unit 3 & 4

Textbook Hire $44

Scientific Calculator $28 (If not previously purchased)

Checkpoints $35 (Optional Purchase)

Learning Area Contact

Maths Learning Area Leader

Stephen Alderton