Music Investigation

Music Investigation (Unit 3 & 4)

Course Summary

Music Investigation requires you to design an Investigation Topic based on your musical interests that have a performance-based outcome. This topic determines the scope, content and direction of your study across the year. Your work for each Area of Study, Outcome and Assessment Task, including the end-of-year performance examination, must draw on content relevant to the Investigation Topic. This subject is only available to students in their final year of VCE. You cannot select this subject unless they have had discussions with relevant music teaching staff.

VCE: Unit 3 & 4 sequence available

Learning Activities & Assessment

  • Complete a research report and presentation
  • Undertake a technical demonstration and discussion
  • Respond to questions based on mini-program performance of Unit 3 work
  • Undertake Composition/Improvisation/Arrangement
  • Sit an external performance examination

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