Music Unit 1 & 2

Music Unit 1 & 2

Course Summary

Students prepare and perform ensemble and/or solo works to develop technical control, expression and stylistic understanding on their chosen instrument/sound source. They create (arrange, compose or improvise) short music exercises that reflect their understanding of the organisation of music. Students develop knowledge of music language concepts as they analyse and respond to a range of music and focus on the way music can be used to create an intended effect.

VCE: Unit 1 & 2

Learning Activities & Assessment

  • Performances of at least two works, including at least one ensemble/group work
  • Complete a technical demonstration and discussion of challenges presented in works
  • Aural, oral, written and practical tasks
  • Composition and/or improvisation exercises and accompanying discussion


There are no VCAA prerequisites for entry to Units 1, 2 and 3. However, the school prerequisites are as follows:

  • Evidence of instrumental music lessons, if a student has not studied music prior
  • Evidence of music experience in another school setting
  • Highly encouraged they take instrumental music classes whilst studying music

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Approximate Costs

Unit 1 & 2

Workbook $30

Unit 3 & 4

Workbook $30

Learning Area Contact

Arts Learning Area Leader

Tanya Gower