Music Styles & Composition

Music Styles & Composition

Course Summary

Do you enjoy studying music? Do you want to create music yourself? In Music Style and Composition you will investigate ways composers and/or creators treat elements of music and use compositional devices to create effects and elicit responses. Listening and responding to music from a wide range of music styles will enable you to improve your familiarity with elements of music and ways composers/music creators treat these elements and use compositional devices to create specific effects. You will compose and/or arrange music for a multi-disciplinary work of your choice in response to an understanding of the music and the creative processes studied.

VCE: Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3 & 4 sequence available

Learning Activities & Assessment

  • Write responses to musical excerpts
  • Complete oral and visual analysis of selected works for study
  • Document a folio of original compositions
  • Sit an end of year oral and written examination

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