General Maths (Year 10)

General Maths (Year 10)

Course Summary

General Maths will further develop students’ skills in mathematical understanding, fluency, problem-solving and reasoning at an appropriate level.

Students will explore elements of Number and Algebra, Trigonometry and Probability. Students are encouraged to develop their independent learning skills to enable them to work at their point of need.

General Maths will also focus on improving the numeracy of students to enable them to be better equipped to face mathematical challenges in the future. Students’ numeracy will be measured at the beginning and end of the semester in the key areas of fraction and decimals, and number and place value.

Learning Activities & Assessment

  • Essential Assessment will be used throughout the semester to measure student’s growth
  • Students will be assessed on an end of semester exam with topic assessments and assignments spread throughout the semester

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Approximate Costs

Semester 1

Scientific Calculator $28 (Optional)

Learning Area Contact

Maths Learning Area Leader

Michael Barnard