Electronics: Build a Smartphone Amplifier (Year 10)

Electronics: Build a Smartphone Amplifier (Year 10)

Course Summary

Are you interested in how the ‘mechanics’ of electronics works? In Year 10 Electronics you will design and build your very own stereo smartphone amplifier. Through this process, you will begin to understand both the practical applications and the theoretical principles and concepts associated with electronics.

This subject leads to VCE Systems Engineering and VCE Product Design and Technology.

Learning Activities & Assessment

  • Explore the practical applications of the concepts associated with electronics: Electron Theory, resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors
  • Understand safety in the workshop when using soldering irons, drills and hand tools
  • Construct and modify electronic circuits and use testing and diagnostic equipment such as multimeters and oscilloscopes
  • Use 3D printers and design software to create unique custom hardware features
  • Design and build your own designer iPod/Phone Dock stereo to take home at the end of the semester and play all your favourite tunes

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Approximate Costs

Semester 1

Subject Contribution $90

Learning Area Contact

Technology Learning Area Leader

Paul McMullen