Hospitality (Food & Beverage)

Food & Beverage (3 & 4)

Course Summary

Do you like preparing food and drinks for your family and friends? Are you interested in working in the Hospitality Industry? Do you like working in a team and interacting with people? The potential of being your own boss? By studying Food and Beverage you will develop skills in preparing a wide range of drinks, setting restaurants, serving customers and preparing espresso coffee. You will be trained by current industry trained teachers. Prospective job outcomes include: Barista, Bar Attendant, Waiter, Hospitality Manager

Learning Activities & Assessment

  • Prepare/serve expresso coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, food and beverage service, advice on food, and functional transactions
  • Prepare and serve food for customers at WSSC Pepper Restaurant
  • Obtain your Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate

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Approximate Costs

Unit 3 & 4

Subject Fee $300 (Includes RSA Certificate)

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Technology Learning Area Leader

Angela Lawson