Australian and Global Politics

Australian and Global Politics

Course Summary

Are you interested in politics? Interested in working in government and policymaking? VCE Australian and Global Politics is the study of contemporary power at both national and global levels. Through this study, you explore, explain, analyse and evaluate national and global political issues, and events. You will examine the interconnectedness of the contemporary global political arena and the impact of globalisation on culture, sovereignty, human rights and the environment. It examines the nature and power of key global actors and the types of power used by an Asia-Pacific state to achieve its national interests.

VCE: Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3 & 4 sequence available

Learning Activities & Assessment

  • Develop an understanding of fundamental political concepts and be able to apply them
  • Explore the nature of contemporary politics and power in the national and global context
  • Examine and evaluate the characteristics and features of Australian democracy
  • Analyse global issues and challenges and the key factors that influence these
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of responses to global crises

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