Japanese (Year 10)

Japanese (Year 10)

Course Summary

Are you looking to travel or looking to pursue a global career? This course aims to broaden and consolidate students’ lower intermediate knowledge of the Japanese language acquired in Years 7 to 9. A substantial number of vocabulary, kanji and grammar points at the intermediate level are introduced using function-based textbooks, whilst enabling students to review and integrate their prior knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. This subject also offers practical communication practice to build students’ ability to converse and discuss a wide range of topics. At the same time, strong emphasis is placed on developing reading and writing skills using practical materials used for different functions and situations in Japanese. The main aim of this course is to prepare students for the VCE Japanese course.

Learning Activities & Assessment

  • Write a descriptive recount of a special event or holiday
  • Prepare and present a dialogue with a friend to organise an outing
  • Design a dream room and understand the elements of a traditional Japanese room
  • Comprehend weather forecasts and the significance of the seasons for Japanese people

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Semester 1

Language Perfect Subscription $40

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Lyn Zhang