Course Summary

Accounting is the skills of being able to tell a story to management, owners, government, employees, investors, suppliers, the tax office and customers of how well a business is doing through producing a financial report (eg. Income statements, Balance sheets and Cashflow Statements). In this subject, you will learn how to record transactions, prepare financial reports, interpret and analyse financial reports and make decisions. You’ll be able to answer questions about profit/loss, stock, investments, returns, growth, shares, and cash flow through studying this subject.

VCE: Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3 & 4 sequence available

Learning Activities & Assessment

  • Prepare accounting reports both manually and using ICT
  • Participate in simulated business activities such as buying/selling shares and managing inventory
  • Participate in discussions around ethical considerations in business, particularly in the area of accounting
  • Construct graphic representations of financial data to assist with the analysis of accounting reports and the evaluation of business performance

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