Music Contemporary Performance Units 3 & 4

Music Contemporary Performance Units 3 & 4

Course Summary

Students prepare a program for assessment in a live performance. They may be assessed as primarily a member of a group or as a solo performer. All performances must include at least one ensemble work with another live musician and an original work created by an Australian artist since 1990. All performances must include a personally reimagined version of an existing work. Original works may also be included in the program. Students identify technical, expressive and stylistic challenges relevant to works they are preparing for performance. They listen and respond to a wide range of music by a variety of performers in contemporary styles. They also study music language concepts such as sales, harmony and rhythmic materials that relate to contemporary music. Styles including (but not limited to) rock, pop, jazz, EDM, country, funk and R&B.

VCE: Unit 3 & 4 sequence available

Learning Activities & Assessment

  • Perform a selection of works being prepared for the performance examination, demonstrating an understanding of music style, authentic performance conventions and a range of techniques
  • Demonstrate and discuss performance development techniques and reimagining approaches relevant to the performances of selected works
  • Discuss a performer’s interpretation and manipulation of music elements and concepts in works
  • Identify, recreate and notate music language concepts
  • End of year performance examination-End of year written examination

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