History: 20th Century

History: 20th Century (Units 1 & 2)

Course Summary

Lenin, Mandela, JFK, Stalin, Rosa Parks, Gandhi, who are these people? How have they shaped our world today…well, this is your opportunity to find out. The Space Race, Berlin Wall, Hiroshima, heard of these places? Want to know more? 20th Century is the place for you. Open your mind and let the magic of history in. You will be the one that everyone wants on their Trivia team. 20th Century History will help you to understand the world that you live in today. How does that work? It is all in the past. The past is often repeated in the future if we do not learn from it.

VCE: Unit 1 and Unit 2 available

Learning Activities & Assessment

  • A historical inquiry in which you research a chosen topic and prepare a written report on it
  • An analysis of primary sources in which you will respond in a combination of short and long answers
  • An analysis of historical interpretations in which you will respond in a combination of short and long
  • An essay in which you will use a variety of evidence to support your arguments

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