Theatre Studies (Year 10)

Theatre Studies (Year 10)

Course Summary

Ever wondered how actors and crew put on a major theatre production? How can they make Peter Pan fly back to Neverland on stage? Do you love acting and theatre? Can you imagine yourself running lights, sound, making costumes, doing hair and make-up, what about props or designing and building a set? Theatre is the complete theatre package here at Wodonga Senior. Come join us and we will create some amazing, terrifying, interesting and wild stuff on stage.

Learning Activities & Assessment

  • Work collaboratively to design and create all aspects of a production
  • Explore production roles such as lighting, costume, set, sound, props, stage management, acting and direction
  • Create and perform an interpretation of a written script as a class
  • Participate in an audience of a live performance
  • Analyse the use of production roles and expressive skills in understanding the interpretation of a script of a performance

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Approximate Costs

Semester 1

Subject Contribution $50

Excursions $70

Learning Area Contact

Arts Learning Area Leader

Tanya Gower