Visual Communication & Design (Year 10)

Visual Communication & Design (Year 10)

Course Summary

Are you interested in communicating ideas through visual language? Are you creative and like to design? By studying this introduction to Visual Communication & Design you will engage in a range of activities to develop technical drawing skills (manual and digital), learn how to apply the design process and develop a sense of design aesthetics. You will be equipped to study and analyse existing designers to understand how they attract and engage their audience.

Learning Activities & Assessment

  • Develop or improve skills in observational, rendering and visualisation drawings
  • Focus on Environmental (interior & architecture), Industrial (commercial products) and communication design (graphic)
  • Investigate the influence of design and media industries on society
  • Learn the basics of Australian Standards and conventions for technical drawings
  • Demonstrate and apply a range of manual and digital skills

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Approximate Costs

Semester 1

Subject Contribution $30

Learning Area Contact

Arts Learning Area Leader

Tanya Gower