English Language

English Language

Course Summary

Are you interested in a career that supports language-related field? The study of English Language will enable you to further develop and refine your skills in reading, writing, listening to and speaking English. You will learn about personal and public discourses in workplaces, fields of study, trades and social groups. As a part of this subject, you will study a range of texts, including publications and public commentary about language in print and multimodal form, as well as, observe and discuss contemporary language in use.

VCE: Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3 & 4 sequence available

Learning Activities & Assessment

  • Analyse the technical construction and use of the English language, the nature and function of language, the way language is organised and its use in communication
  • Explore language over time, language in its social setting and situating texts in their social, cultural and ideological context
  • Investigate English language in formal and informal contexts and contemporary Australian social setting
  • Consider language as a means of social interaction
  • Explore through written and spoken texts how we communicate infromation, ideas, attitudes and prejudices

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