Course Summary

Murder, heartache, trauma, love, voyeurism, betrayal, beatings, whippings, stolen kisses…

Hate, death, repression, humour, longing, desire, identity, belonging, voices, media, images, presentations, audiences, point of view, a world where your imagination is challenged by beliefs and values defined by authors of the past and present.  We aim to challenge your desire to write creatively embodying your most inner feelings and representing them in the world of a text.  Leaving you with the power to create a narrative that will blow your teacher’s mind.  Then be challenged by the power of words and persuasion, why do we feel the way we do when we read, see and hear?  Create a speech that fulfils your brightest ideas and confront the minds of your fellow students with your delivery. And if that is not enough, be insightful, infer meaning, challenging themes and ideas with texts that are designed to test the very essence of your understanding and produce an analytical experience that showcases your writing skills and vocabulary in an analytical and comparative response.

You are in for a treat, dare to be, write with passion and prepare to be enlightened. 

English Units 1 – 4 what a blast!

VCE: Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3 & 4 sequence available

Learning Activities & Assessment

  • Critically analyse written and multimodal text
  • Create pieces of writing in a range of styles and forms
  • Analyse the ways verbal and visual language is used to persuade in other texts and your own
  • Apply skills to a range of creative, analytical and media texts
  • Complete classwork and final exams to demonstrate competence and confidence in writing and speaking for different purposes and to different audiences, in a variety of forms

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