VCE VET Music (Sound Production)

VCE VET Music (Sound Production)

Course Summary

This course will teach you a range of practical skills and knowledge to record, mix, perform and edit sound sources. It covers areas such as soundtrack recording, digital editing and mixing, audio equipment operations and management.

Student will gain an entry level understanding of the music industry which could be involved in music performance, sound production, music creation and composition, music business.

The job roles that relate to this qualification may include assistant sound technician, assistant music manager, musician, sound assistant and road crew.

Upon successful completion of all course requirements, the RTO will issue a Certificate. Whereby a student has attained only some units, the RTO will issue a Statement of attainment for those units.

ATAR Contribution: Unit students do not receive a Study Score contribution for this subject

VET: CUA20620 Certificate II in Music (Sound Production)

Learning Activities & Assessment

  • Develop basic audio skills and knowledge
  • Perform basic sound editing                           
  • Assist with sound recordings
  • Incorporate technology into music making
  • Develop skills to play or sing music
  • Incorporate music technology into performances

This program is run as part of an Auspicing arrangement with College of Sound and Music Production, a Registered Training Organisation.  TIOD: 41549

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